Skillful Beverly Hills Entertainment Litigation Attorneys Represent Artists and Management

Diligent legal advocacy in California for complex contract and intellectual property disputes

Founded in 2008, The Kernan Law Firm, APC in Beverly Hills aggressively works to resolve disputes for clients in the entertainment industry. Our firm’s attorneys, who have six decades of legal experience between them, are well-versed in the full range of problems that arise in this multi-billion dollar industry, including issues related to contracts, copyrights and trademarks, idea theft and right of publicity. We represent artists and management throughout California and nationwide.   

What our entertainment litigation lawyers do

Complex legal problems require strategic solutions. Our attorneys handle both entertainment litigation for artists and entertainment litigation for management, focusing on delivering satisfactory outcomes on each and every case that we take on for actors, agents, screenwriters, producers, directors, new media companies and other individuals and entities. Once we learn about the details of your case, we will work forcefully to protect your interests.

Different types of conflicts in the entertainment industry

There are various types of conflicts that arise in the entertainment industry that often end up having to be resolved in court. If you are experiencing a complicated contractual dispute or an intellectual property infringement concern, we will fight hard in pursuing an advantageous resolution to your case. We are skilled at representing clients in matters concerning:

  • Contracts — The entertainment industry depends heavily on contracts between performers, agents, production companies and other parties. We vigorously defend those accused of breach of contract as well as help enforce binding contractual agreements.  
  • Copyright and trademarks — Creative property in the entertainment industry may be protected by copyrights and trademarks. When those are infringed upon, it can have devastating financial, professional and personal impacts. We file lawsuits for plaintiffs alleging copyright infringement and trademark infringement. We also provide copyright infringement defense and trademark infringement defense for entities or individuals who have been accused of unlawfully using someone else’s intellectual property.
  • Idea theft — Accusations of idea theft are not uncommon in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. If you believe your idea was stolen by a filmmaker or are being accused of idea theft, we can advise you about your legal options.
  • Right of publicity — California law generally protects you from unauthorized use of your image, voice, name, signature and likeness for commercial purposes. If your right of publicity was violated, we can investigate the evidence and advocate for your right to damages.

Our reputable entertainment law attorneys are familiar with handling conflicts on both sides of the aisle, so we bring a unique, fully-informed perspective on all types of matters affecting artists and management.

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