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Entertainment is a high-risk field with the potential for great reward. Professionals in the industry realize that beneath the glamour, entertainment is a business like any other, requiring them to produce a product on a specific budget and deliver it to market for a profit. When navigating the complex terrain of film, television, new media and every other entertainment platform, producers need reliable legal advice to keep them away from pitfalls and remove impediments to a successful deal. The Kernan Law Firm, APC helps entertainment companies in California negotiate favorable agreements for the full range of their business needs. In this highly competitive and unpredictable business, we provide the reliable legal services necessary to protect your interests and facilitate your success.

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The Kernan Law Firm, APC takes a hands-on approach to your legal issues. We are committed to providing knowledgeable advice and determined representation on matters related to:

  • Contracts — We negotiate and draft agreements covering every aspect of the entertainment industry: rights, offers, letters of intent, pay or play, distribution, personal services and personal appearances, production, structured finance, insurance, and more. We are familiar with the intricacies of the collective bargaining agreements of all major unions, including SAG-AFTRA, AEA, AGMA, AGVA, ASC, ASCAP, BAFTA, BMI, CSA, Directors’ Guild of America, Dramatists’ Guild of America, IATSE, IBEW, NABET, and the WGA.
  • Copyright/trademark — We negotiate rights to creative works and draft licensing and ownership agreements. We protect our clients’ intellectual property from unauthorized use.
  • Financing — We represent producers seeking bank, equity, mezzanine, product placement, tax credit or debt financing for film, television and digital content. We create private placement memoranda and oversee the closing of structured finance.
  • Development — For companies developing content for various media, we secure rights, negotiate commitments from artists, and draft ownership agreements.
  • Distribution — We negotiate license and purchase agreements for a wide variety of platforms, including film, television, new media, streaming, video games, and merchandising. We protect your rights to royalties and residuals, and pursue claims involving nonpayment.
  • Production — We review and negotiate agreements for equipment leasing, insurance, location rental, craft services, transportation services, post-production, wardrobe services and every other production need.

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly, offering new challenges and opportunities. The Kernan Law Firm, APC understands the importance of adapting to current realities, while maintaining sound business principles. We work closely with you to offer innovative solutions and reliable legal protection.

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