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As an artist, you make a great many sacrifices for your craft, but you should not sacrifice your legal rights. If you are a creative or interpretive artist working in the entertainment industry, you know there are countless ways you can be exploited. Before you enter into any agreement for personal services or the use of your artistic creation, speak to an experienced entertainment lawyer at The Kernan Law Firm, APC. We help artists across all media secure the rights to their work, secure copyright protection, and get fair value in exchange for its use. Too often, artists feel they have no leverage in negotiations with production and distribution companies. But the truth of the matter is, those companies would not exist without the contributions of artists who provide the original content that generates revenue. Let our firm help you get the return on your talent and labor you so richly deserve.

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The Kernan Law Firm, APC takes a hands-on approach to your legal issues. We are committed to providing knowledgeable advice and determined representation in the areas that are most important to you. Our attorneys serve a diverse array of artists, including:

  • Composers — Whether you have written an opera or a commercial jingle, you want to maximize your return on your artistic effort. We help composers secure their rights and monetize their creation through precise licensing agreements, and halt unauthorized use by enforcing copyright protections to preserve the value and integrity of your music.
  • Directors — We negotiate contracts for film, television, commercial and stage directors on favorable terms with special attention to profit sharing, royalties and residuals for your future financial security.
  • Performers — We review contracts for actors, athletes, comics, hosts, dancers, DJs, musicians, singers, spokespersons and variety artists across all media. We negotiate terms that maximize your return for your participation in any entertainment project, and protect you from unauthorized use of your work, image or likeness.
  • Visual artists — We help all manner of visual artists, from cartoonists to painters and photographers, safeguard ownership over their images and monetize them through effective licensing agreements.
  • Writers — We review and negotiate publishing contracts, film and television contracts, and contracts for new media and protect authors from unauthorized use of their work.

The entertainment industry is changing rapidly, offering new challenges and opportunities for artists in all areas. The Kernan Law Firm, APC understands the importance of preserving artists’ rights at a time when the chances of exploiting those rights is rapidly expanding. Our attorneys work closely with you to offer innovative solutions and reliable legal protection.

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